The Digital Doorway A strategy of The Life project.

Unlocking Conversations about Life, Jesus, and the Church

At this very moment, millions of people are searching the Internet to find answers to the issues they face. They need a safe place to talk about the pain in their lives, but most don’t feel comfortable stepping through church doors right away. That’s why we’re helping churches open up a digital doorway to build relationships with people who don’t yet know Jesus, the door of salvation.

Imagine your church engaging with people in their struggles, pointing the way to Jesus, and helping them find a church to call home!

We will resource your church to unlock spiritual conversations with people in an easy-to-use mentoring environment. Together, we’ll be fulfilling the mission of Christ!

“I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved.” John 10:9a (ESV)

How Your Church Benefits

We want to support your church in becoming a missional community. Our mentoring platform gives your church family a chance to actively share their faith from the comfort of home. Consider the spiritual growth and passion you’ll see when they start introducing others to Jesus and discipling new believers who may live across the world or even in your own region.

What we offer

We provide a digital evangelism and discipleship training solution that equips churches to interact with people about the issues they face. Church members are equipped to build relationships and share their faith. All of this is done in a safe and secure environment and requires little to no technical expertise or upfront investment from the church.

We can teach you how to use Facebook more effectively and train you as mentors who can share the Gospel across the street and around the world. The Digital Doorway includes:

  1. Responsive content (articles, videos, and testimonies that start conversations)
  2. Online relational evangelism platform
  3. Evangelism and discipleship training
  4. Resources to help your church grow

What Pastors and Mentors are Saying

“The Digital Doorway is helping mentors to be more empathetic and patient and open to recognizing that people who are coming to us are hurting, are in need, and are hungering for some kind of personal touch without the judgmental tone.”
- Brian, pastor

“I was a skeptic at first but now I am the most excited at our church because I can see the potential of this to reach the world. We saw several mentors start... it was new, they had never really shared their faith before.”
- Austin, pastor

“It’s easier to evangelize on the computer because you can pray about it and read Scripture that you want to share. Where if you were sitting and talking with someone face-to-face, you might panic and go, ‘OK, what am I going to say next?’”
- Carolyn, mentor in her 60s

“For me personally, it has grown me spiritually, having to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance on how to answer mentees’ questions. It has pushed me to research areas that I’m not educated in or have little experience dealing with.”
- Karen, a mentor in her 50s

“We need to keep in mind that God doesn’t care just about the people in our church, He wants everybody to know Him. The Internet offers us that very opportunity to get to people who would never grace the church door.”
- Vern, a mentor in his 70s

“Mentoring has given me more of a boldness to witness in my everyday life.”
- Sarah, a mentor in her 30s

How the digital doorway works

Through responsive content, relational evangelism, and dynamic discipleship, a process of spiritual multiplication is activated in your church community and beyond. It’s all about making disciples who make disciples. That’s how Jesus did it. He rescued the lost and taught them how to multiply spiritually.

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Responsive Content

Responsive content initiates conversations with mentors who can provide encouragement and spiritual answers. We provide you with social media marketing materials and a plan for how to implement a campaign to target people in your local area. Any interest generated by your local campaign will be directed to mentors in your church.

Relational Evangelism

Our state-of-the-art mentoring tool ( will facilitate your mentors’ conversations. Incoming messages will be filtered and distributed to the people in your church who are best suited to carry on the conversation. We will provide training to these mentors in online evangelism and will prayerfully communicate with them, highlighting the impact they are having and helping them take the next step towards spiritual maturity and greater effectiveness.

Dynamic Discipleship

Mobilizing your church family to have spiritual conversations online will radically impact their spiritual maturity. Real-life experience in sharing their faith will be invaluable and transformative. People in your congregation will be able to encourage, build up and pray with one another and for those in your community. As we come alongside to encourage and equip them, they will grow in their relationship with Jesus and their ability to point others to Him.

Active Multiplication

As people in your congregation learn to actively share their faith and disciple others, they will inspire others to get involved and embark on their own spiritual journey. The result? Spiritual Multiplication, an exponential increase of people committing their lives to Jesus and becoming spiritual multipliers themselves.

The world is online.
Let’s help them know Jesus.