Mentor Goal and Guidelines


Pascal has said that in every person there is a God-shaped vacuum in their hearts; our role is to let them know that Jesus can fill that vacuum. The purpose of mentoring is to have empathy and show compassion by our words of concern and acknowledgment of their situation while trying to take them a step further on their spiritual journey. By taking the time to write them we are showing them that they are valuable and that someone cares. When you respond realize that these are real people with real problems so ask the Lord to give you compassion and wisdom.


Mentoring Commitment

On average, the mentoring relationships are short-term. Be assured that God has used you to plant a seed of truth in the mentee’s life and that God will continue to nourish that seed to become fruitful. Do not be discouraged if the mentee chooses not to respond back to your e-mail; this is not a reflection on you.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your part in this ministry. Committed volunteers make this ministry possible.

Become A Mentor