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Mentors walk with people on a spiritual journey.

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Are you looking for more joy in your walk with God? Do you have a desire to share the compassion and message of Christ with others without preaching at them? Mentoring gives you an easy, safe, and anonymous way to learn how to journey with hurting people and to share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads. You can discover the joy of helping people know Jesus!

How a Spiritual Conversation Starts:

  1. People seeking hope search the internet for solutions to their problems.
  2. They discover and read our content (Issues I Face or The Life) directly related to their personal struggle. Each article invites them to journey with a mentor who will be safe and listen to their story.
  3. They fill out the form and are soon connected via email to a mentor through, our custom-built, secure email platform that facilitates mentoring conversations. Then the conversation begins!

Every month, this strategy sparks hundreds of spiritual conversations, leading to over 10,000 messages back and forth with our mentors. Our mentors help people feel loved and heard. And most importantly, as online missionaries, they point the way to Jesus.

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“I was a skeptic at first but now I am the most excited at our church because I see the potential of this to reach the world. We saw several mentors start... They had never shared their faith before.” — Austin, pastor
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7 Reasons Mentoring is Awesome!

  1. You get to interact with people from around the world right from your home or office. Even countries closed to missionaries are reachable through the Internet.
  2. You'll grow spiritually as you rely on God to listen compassionately and help people take the next step on their spiritual journey.
  3. You get to partner with Jesus in fulfilling His great commission. Helping a person come to know Jesus is one of the most exciting things you'll ever experience.
  4. You can remain anonymous, safe, and secure in our mentoring app.
  5. You have time to pray and think before responding, a luxury you don't always have in face-to-face conversations.
  6. You get to set the number of new mentees per a week so you can fit mentoring into your busy life.
  7. We have a team of support staff and many resources to help you along the way.

Miracles happen through mentoring! Watch Priscilla's testimony video.

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